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Casual Day

Casual Day

What is Casual Day?

Launched in 1995, Casual Day is an awareness and fundraising project benefiting persons with disabilities. Each year on the first Friday of September, South Africans are encouraged to go to work dressed differently - either dress up or dress down – and to wear the Casual Day sticker to show their support for disabled people.

The campaign encourages the public to contribute financially through a small donation of R10 for a sticker, and at the same time lobbies for the full integration of persons with disabilities into mainstream society. So, not only does it raise funds, but it also raises awareness of the needs of this sector of the community in a fun way!

Since Casual Day was launched, the project has raised in excess of R200 million which is distributed among the project’s national beneficiaries. The SA Federation for Mental Health is one of the main beneficiaries of Casual Day and many organisations benefit from the initiative. We are confident that Casual Day will remain a huge success this year and grow even further beyond expectation in years to come.

This year Casual Day is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Casual Day will take place on 06 September 2019 with the theme 'Time To Shine with Persons with Disabilities'. So - use the opportunity to celebrate diversity with persons with intellectual and psychosocial disability and contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or tel: 011 781 1852 to order your Casual Day stickers for 2019!