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Leave A Legacy

Leave A Legacy


A legacy of caring: yours to leave

If you have enjoyed a full and successful life, you may like to spare a thought for those who measure their success in basic skills – such as the ability to tie a shoelace or tell the time – or in just getting through the day.

Just as a flower seed carries the promise of life and beauty into a new generation, so your bequest to the South African Federation for Mental Health ensures your love, your compassion and your vision continue beyond your own lifetime.

A bequest to the SA Federation for Mental Health costs you nothing right now. Only when you have no further use for it will your money be 'sown' – to ensure that persons with intellectual and psychosocial disability illness may live in dignity and blossom to their full potential.

What sort of bequest?

Whether it comes in the form of a specific sum of money, a percentage of your estate, the proceeds of a life insurance policy or an item – such as real estate, a motor vehicle or item of jewellery – such a gift serves as a lasting memorial to your caring and compassion for those members of our society who need a little extra help and care.

Leaving a bequest to the SA Federation for Mental Health is also a way to save on estate duty, as we are tax exempt in terms of Section 30 of the Income Tax Act.

If you intend leaving a bequest to protect the rights of persons with intellectual and psychosocial disability, please let us know so we may have a chance to thank you. Long after we are gone, your legacy will continue to make a meaningful difference.

For more information, please contact us.