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SAFMH focuses on protecting the human rights of persons with psychosocial and intellectual disabilities. SAFMH does not however have attorneys or other legal personnel employed as part of its in-house staff compliment. SAFMH therefore does not provide direct legal services itself, but instead facilitates access to justice by gathering and referring matters to legal entities for pro bono legal assistance. SAFMH is looking at expanding its partnerships to independent legal practitioners who will be able to offer pro bono legal assistance to persons with psychosocial and intellectual disabilities.

SAFMH is looking at partnering with additional legal personnel who can offer some or all of the following:

  • Probono legal advice
  • Probono legal representations
  • Assistance with content to aid SAFMH in developing information materials, such as infographics for awareness purposes.

In order for SAFMH to safeguard mental health care users who report human rights violations to us against exploitation or inappropriate / inaccurate legal advice, SAFMH asks that all interested legal practitioners please send us a short motivation and their proof of registration with the relevant professional body for verification purposes.

If you are interested in offering your expertise and providing Probono legal assistance in this regard, you can email your details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Following this, we will send you more information on the way forward.

Thank you.  

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