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June 20, 2018

Youth Day 2018

Lyr Weltsman

Youth Day 2018


People ask why certain people get depressed but others don’t? Even if they in the same circumstances, etc.

How do we even know when someone is depressed? What are the warning signs? The symptoms?

How come certain people “recover” from their depression and others don’t? Can people even recover from a mental illness?


Are there even answers to these questions?


In my very young age, I myself didn't know the answers to these questions and neither did my parents.


Mental illness was a whole new world we never tapped into, knew nothing about nor thought of it but it arrived suddenly to my world, and oh, did it arrive with a storm. How do we deal with this, we thought. But no one was there to explain and understand.


This makes one feel extremely alone and lost, just how I felt, when depression sunk in and took over my life. This is how those with mental illness feel. But remember, we need answers to these questions…



Some sort of mental illness affects so many of our youth and yet so many of us no know nothing about it. How do we manage such a horrific illness with no information or knowledge?


Warning signs can be fatigue, sadness, numbness, loss of appetite/ overeating, lack of interest, etc, but everyone can be so different in the way they deal with their mental illness and what signs they show. This what makes detecting mental illness so difficult.


I think in our society so many of us shy away and stigmatize mental illness, especially in the youth. We often say, “Oh its just a phase in the teens or it’s just their hormones” but many of time it’s a bigger issue , one that we don't recognise nor take seriously but so many of our youth succumb to.


Schools these days are putting huge strain on our children, and a lot of the time they just not coping! We need to take notice, wake up and deal with the strain this has put on our youth.


We need to start talking about it, take notice and see how our future generation is really doing,


Talk with your children, your students, your family and get to really know them. Keep an open door policy, take what they say seriously, don’t brush off anything, take care, and don’t take them for granted, remember, 1 person commits suicide every 16.2 minutes.


Maybe if everyone took notice and opened their eyes to mental health we would have more answers to these questions. We would know how to deal with mental illness better and see the warning signs.


We could just be saving lives.