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May 8, 2014

Fighting for the right to vote

The South African Federation for Mental Health is all about ensuring that the rights of all persons with Mental Disabilities, are upheld.

Most of us celebrated 20 years of democracy by going to the voting polls and exercising our basic right to vote. However, many persons with Mental Disabilities were prevented from exercising their right on the 7th of May.

The S.A Federation for Mental Health submitted a formal request to the IEC, appealing to the committee for the inclusion of persons with Mental Disabilities in the voting process. The IEC has chosen to honour and uphold the Mental Healthcare Act which, in itself, is a progressive document. The IEC has agreed to consider the proposal for next year.

The Federation will continue to advocate and lobby to ensure that legislation is amended and that Mental Healthcare Users will be able to exercise their right to vote in the next elections.

Last modified on October 5, 2015